Somerville Zoning Controversy at Ikea Site...Kraft behind the scenes?

User Magicpiano/Wikimedia Commons

DISCLAIMER....This is all SPECULATION...Based on zero fact linking Kraft and the Revs to the Ikea zoning controversy going on right now in Somerville....Just pointing out something odd about what is currently going on at Assembly Square.

Right now people in Somerville are upset. They think that the city is wasting the Ikea site which was a whopping 12 acres and five million square feet of office space. You would think to replace that site they would build something that would take up the entire spot.

Reported in The Somerville News by By William C. Shelton:

"That's why the 12-acre IKEA parcel that abuts the new T station site is zoned to allow construction of 5 million square feet of office space. A development that took full advantage of that zoning would generate about $33 million in annual property taxes and bring about 15,000 permanent jobs.

A project that large is unlikely. So assume a project only a quarter that size, and compare that to what a 130,000-square-foot supermarket using 40% of the site would produce-about 200 permanent jobs and $320,000 in annual property taxes."

Now here comes my speculation. Only 40% of the site is taken up. Are they saving the space? It seems underwhelming for such a large site; does that mean something bigger is coming? As a Revs fan I hope so.

If anyone knows how much space the stadium will need let me know. Still, the stadium site rumored to be wanted by kraft is getting a new development that is smaller and more underwhelming than people in the area wish. Makes me speculate as to what is being reserved.

Just a short google search leads that the same lawyers who have represented the Kraft Group have also represented Federal Investment Realty Trust (the group developing Assembly Row).

My question is this: does this supermarket destroy the chance of a stadium at Assembly Square, or was a deal brokered to allow two developments?

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