Feb/March 2014 the Day to Watch for Revs Fans, and a Note on Recent Events



"Stephen P. Crosby, the chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, said the two commercial resort licenses will be awarded in February and March of next year. Previously, the commission had voted to issue one resort casino license in February of next year, but had not decided on the timing for issuing the second resort license for the state."

As I have stated a few times, Revs fans should be cheering for Suffolk Downs to win this thing. Suffolk Downs currently owns Wonderland, which is, for lack of better words, a ruin of days gone by. The dog track is dead. It will not be revived, and Suffolk Downs is sitting on practically worthless land. Why would they own this land? It is a gift to Revere as settlement for their casino. The Revs need Wonderland. It has the potential for Kraft to give it a shot. It's near Revere beach, off the blue line.

If Suffolk Downs wins, we could actually see serious moves towards a Soccer-Specific Stadium, not just a season ticket marketing scheme.

Recently, posted an article about the Krafts taking the "long view." Well, the long view started 6 years ago; it's time to pony up. Revs fans should continue to pressure the Krafts and Bilello to answer our questions. If Revere is available, we should want to hear updates. February/March 2014 is the time of reckoning. Root for Suffolk Downs, root for the Revs, and root for Boston.

Here is the MLS article on the "long view."

I want to believe them, I really do. I want to believe they are committed to being in Boston and that they have chosen the tougher fight. I really hope they actually feel this way. I want to believe that they want the sport to thrive in Boston. I'm not sure I do, but I will stay an optimist.

On this week:

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Boston. It has been a tough week, but we got the loser.

Last night I thought the Revs showed great ability; they just need to bury goals and keep their marks. The team was playing with a heavy heart, so I'll let this one slide.

On the fans: That march into the stadium was fantastic....BRAVO TO ALL OF YOU.

If it seems redundant that I routinely write about Stadium issues then I'm sorry. I just want the Revs and Revs fans to continually have this issue on their minds. I don't want it to be ignored. I know you all want it, so we must continue the discussion if we want to pressure the organization.

Editor's Note: It's not redundant at all. This issue needs to be discussed, and we're happy to have you bringing it up in the FanPost forum like this.

FanPosts are solely the opinions of those who post them, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Bent Musket, SBNation or any of its affiliates.

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