Revolution Vs. Impact: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

Ryan Guy's performance rose above that of his teammates in Sunday's loss. Credit: Jim Rogash, Getty Images.

After every match this season, the staff here at The Bent Musket will be putting together player ratings. Ratings are on a 1-10 scale, with 5 representing a thoroughly average performance, and 6 a decent/capable showing. The final ratings will be averages of individual ratings from Corey Major, and Matty Jollie. Brendan Schimmel and Abram Chamberlain had to sit this one out.

Matt Reis: Average Rating - 5.8 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6, Matty 6)

Steve: Didn't look bad, but didn't have a lot to do...Corey: Not a bad outing...Matty: Solid outing. Took a wonder strike to beat him.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5.67 (Steve 5.5, Corey 5.5, Matty 6)

Steve: Rather decent performance, looked lively...Corey: Decent game for CT. Looked livelier than usual, which is nice to see...Matty: Did Tierney look a little more spry to anyone else?

A.J. Soares: Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 5, Corey 6, Matty 5.5)

Steve: Didn't do poorly, but did get turned on that goal...Corey: Had a pretty stellar game for a dude who spent the week questionable on the injury report...Matty: Good game coming off the injury knock. Couldn't really tell by his play.

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 6.33 (Steve 6, Corey 6.5, Matty 6.5)

Steve: A typically solid performance, really emerging as a quality centerback this year...Corey: Handled himself well, particularly against Di Vaio...Matty: Handles the bigger/physical strikers better than Soares at this point.

Kevin Alston: Average Rating - 5 (Steve 5, Corey 5, Matty 5)

Steve: Not a lot of good, not a lot of bad. Definition of average...Corey: Eh. Had some moments but ultimately, I dunno. Not my favorite outing from him this season, I guess...Matty: Perfectly average night.

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Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 6.17 (Steve 5.5, Corey 7, Matty 6)

Steve: Best offensive performer, but the offense didn't produce...Corey: Worked hard, had a solid outing. One we have come to expect from him...Matty: Another flashy, sexy performance, but no goal.

Clyde Simms: Average Rating - 6.17 (Steve 6, Corey 6, Matty 6.5)

Steve: Did the yeoman's work in defense. 87.75% passing is never a bad thing...Corey: Good night. Was very involved box to box. Played a part in most every play on both sides of the ball...Matty: Real strong performance in the trenches all night long.

Benny Feilhaber: Average Rating - 5.17 (Steve 5, Corey 5.5, Matty 5)

Steve: Why can't he impose himself upon these games? Did get beat up pretty bad though...Corey: Was making some things happen but also disappeared too much...Matty: An average night, for an above-average player. Need more from BF.

Ryan Guy: Average Rating - 6.33 (Steve 5.5, Corey 7, Matty 6.5)

Steve: Motor ran all night, was one of the best players on the pitch for the Revs...Corey: MOTM by far. Worked hard, as always. Leads by example. Has the right attitude. Such a big Guy fan right now...Matty: Guy was everywhere. Good motor, tireless effort.

Saer Sene: Average Rating - 5 (Steve 5, Corey 5, Matty 5)

Steve: Denied by the post. Improved effort, but still need that consistency and production. Did you see him try to use his right foot, though?...Corey: What happened?...Matty: Attention, Jay Heaps: Sene is not a midfielder.

Jerry Bengtson: Average Rating - 4.33 (Steve 4, Corey 4, Matty 5)

Steve: Didn't get involved in the game, hold-up play was atrocious, looked sluggish and disinterested...Corey: He gets a mulligan due to Olympics and travel and so on. I want to see a DP-caliber player on the field next week though...Matty: I didn't have high expectations coming off of the Olympics travel.

Fernando Cardenas (sub): Average Rating - 5.67 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6, Matty 5.5)

Steve: Definite spark. His passing has cleaned up lately, which is good...Corey: Super-involved. Didn't make any major bad decisions as he does sometimes...Matty: Great energy, empty handed.

Kelyn Rowe (sub): Average Rating - 4.5 (Steve 4.5, Corey 4.5, Matty 4.5)

Steve: Lackluster again. Looks somewhat lost out there, and is making poor decisions on and off the ball...Corey: Meh. Dude is just so hot and cold...Matty: Gotta start putting good performances together. Consistency is the mark of a pro.

Diego Fagundez (sub): Average Rating - 4.33 (Steve 4.5, Corey 4, Matty 4.5)

Steve: Seems mired in a sophomore slump and doesn't have the answers...Corey: Feisty but ultimately added nothing...Matty: Followed team trend of a lot of energy and flash with no results.

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