Musket Rounds: Football At Fenway, El Pibe, Bocanegra, And More

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 25: Carlos Bocanegra of Rangers celebrates after scoring during the UEFA Europa League play off match between Rangers and Maribor at Ibrox Stadium on August 25, 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Good morning everyone, welcome to the Humpday edition of Musket Rounds. For some reason I keep thinking it's Tuesday, but it most certainly is not. Anyway, today we have a decent variety of New England Revolution news and also some pretty good pieces that deal with soccer abroad. Specifically, I think you should all look at the interesting TSG piece on Carlos Bocanegra I'll be linking after the jump, it makes some interesting points. Now, on with the Rounds.

Revolution Links

MLS Power Rankings: Week 18 |
The staff has finally bumped the New England Revolution into the top 10, even if it's number 10 on the dot.

Nguyen, Tierney shore up Revs' left side - Boston New England Revolution Blog - ESPN Boston
Brian O'Connell writes about the understanding between Chris Tierney and Lee Nguyen on the left side.

Shuttleworth seizes opportunity in first start of 2012 | New England Revolution
Jeff Lemieux talks to Jay Heaps and Bobby Shuttleworth about Bobby's performance on Sunday. Think we'll see him again on Saturday? Who knows.

Team of the Week (Wk 18): Union youth lead the charge |
Lee Nguyen and Kevin Alston are in the Team of the Week. I'm surprised Chris Tierney didn't even get honorable mention.

Defense Shines in Win - New England Soccer Today
The Revs defense cut out the errors to shut down the Red Bulls on Sunday. Sean Donahue takes a look at the reasons why.

Other Soccer News

Carlos Valderrama Showed Up In England To Carry The Olympic Torch For Some Reason | KCKRS
El Pibe? In London? I like it!

Major League Soccer's mixed message - US Soccer Players
J Hutcherson takes illuminates how the league does a good job of focusing only on the positives in its clubs and operations while sweeping the negatives under the rug. He couched it in Montreal's issues with filling Stade Saputo.

TSG’s MLS Preseason Prediction Midseason Review: Not Pretty (Part I) " The Shin Guardian
It's TSG's preseason prediction panel taking a look at their own failures at the halfway mark this season.

From Montréal with Love - Soccer Politics/The Politics of Football
This is Andrew Wenger, Montreal rookie, writing a piece about the unique history and culture of his city. Think a Revs player will ever write posts for us at TBM? Yeah, probably not.

Football at Fenway on ESPN2 - New England Soccer Today
Liverpool - Roma match in Boston will be nationally televised.

How the "Darkest Day" of the Year In US Sport Can Be The Brightest Day for US Soccer - The USA 10 Kit
Jon Arnold makes an interesting point - if the day after the MLB All-Star game is such a doldrums for sports in America, why doesn't MLS jump in to fill the void?

On Carlos Bocanegra: Time for MLS Corporate To Show Its Maturity " The Shin Guardian
Matt from TSG takes a perspective on Carlos Bocanegra's move to MLS that many of us might not want to consider...but frankly, it's been in the back of our minds.

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