Musket Rounds: Nyassi Trains, Nowak Out, USMNT, And More

HARRISON NJ - OCTOBER 21: Sainey Nyassi #17 of the New England Revolution controls the ball from Roy Miller #7 of the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena on October 21 2010 in Harrison New Jersey. The Red Bulls defeated the Revolution 2-0. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

It's been a couple of days since the last Rounds, which is entirely my fault. It's not that I'm lazy so much as it's a complete inability for me to budget my time, but regardless of my shortcomings as a writer and editor, I have some links for everyone today that should provide you with some decent morning reading. I hope everyone has been enjoying the Euros, too, and without further ado I will get us started.

Revolution Links

Will The Resurgent Revs Gain Respect and Relevance? Plus an Interview with David Vaudreuil " RevsNet
Jim Dow at Revsnet penned a long introspective on the Revolution and soccer culture in this area before finishing up with an interview with Revs assistant David Vaudreuil. It's a pretty good read.

Nyassi: Four-month injury layoff "depressing" | New England Revolution
I can definitely feel for Sainey; being out that long sucks, especially with an injury as wacky as a hamstring strain. However, when Jay Heaps says he's "exactly what we need," well, I have to wonder if Jay's been watching the last couple seasons closely enough...

Revs' Alston adding attacking impetus from right back |
It's good that Kevin is working on his attacking game, but this whole piece is written as though Alston was a stay-home fullback for the last few years, which is completely false. The problem was that his attacking game added nothing because he constantly dribbled right into defenders or wasted all of his crosses. Hopefully the message behind this article is that he's getting better.

Revs gear up for key post-bye stretch - Boston New England Revolution Blog - ESPN Boston
A quick look at the important headlines after the bye week and going into Saturday's match against the Crew.

Other Soccer Links

Nowak out as Union coach - Soccer By Ives
Color me surprised! And sarcastic!

Klinsmann's Continuing Revolution - US Soccer Players
Charles Boehm takes a look at the changes in the national team program, if any, under Jurgen Klinsmann.

Gomez puzzled by ref's decisions in tie with Guatemala |
This is nothing new. Officiating for US teams outside of the US is ALWAYS horrible. And in Guatemala, "soccer" is a word for some sport that mixes boxing and high dive at full-sprint speed. Doesn't make the officials' performance on Tuesday OK, mind, but the players need to expect this.

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