Musket Rounds: Playing Catch-Up

FOXBORO, MA - APRIL 14: Fans of the New England Revolution react during a game against the DC United in the first half at Gillette Stadium April 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images)

It's been a while since the last edition of Musket Rounds, and I accept full responsibility for that. The next two weeks will be crazy for me in particular as law school finals run their course, but I promise I'll do as much as I can to keep things consistent in this space. We have a number of links to get out there, so I won't waste any more time.

Revolution Links

Runstrom settling in with Revs after prolonged negotiations |
Kyle McCarthy talked with Bjorn Runstrom to get a feel for how the Swede is settling in after his protracted negotiations. Apparently Runstrom has vacationed in the US before and likes it over here.

Rookie Rankings: Crew's Urso joins top 5 after solid start |
The dot-com staff is still high on Kelyn Rowe, ranking him 3rd among MLS rookies this year. I think we Revolution fans are actually harder on Kelyn than the rest of the nation.

Off weekend comes with both pros and cons | New England Revolution
Jeff Lemieux spoke with Stephen McCarthy and some other players about the long break between last weekend's loss to DC and next weekend's match with New York. The message is expected - it's nice to rest, but it disrupts the rhythm.

Questions: Crew, Revs, Nielsen, Beaverton, Attendance - US Soccer Players
Tony Edwards asks some interesting questions in MLS. He also points out that the Revs have scored 4/5 goals this season in the first 15 minutes of matches, and that New England is amongst the one-third of MLS clubs averaging under 15,000 in attendance.

Other Soccer Links

Mario and the Meat Grinder - Run of Play
Kari Tulinius penned a short perspective on Mario Gomez, the Bayern Munich striker who scored the winner against Real Madrid yesterday. He makes a comparison to Taylor Twellman, which kind of comes off like a backhanded compliment to ol' TT.

Cheap-shot artist Rafa Márquez a menace to MLS - SOCCER - Sporting News
Brian Straus takes a firm stance against Rafa Marquez in the aftermath of his cheap shot on Shea Salinas. I agree - I've been saying since last season that Marquez has no place in MLS.

Marquez suspended for three games - Soccer By Ives
Really? Only 3 games? Come on, MLS.

Why Major League Soccer got it right on Rafa Marquez’s three-game suspension | ProSoccerTalk
Steve Davis tries to take a breath and explain why three games is just right for Marquez's suspension. He's probably right. I still want Rafa tarred and feathered.

Finland’s Got Talent | The Footy Blog
Remember the name? This is pretty incredible.

MLS Proving It's Not What You Do, It's Who You Are That Matters - World Soccer Reader
Rafa Marquez's three game suspension tells us all we need to know about the MLS Disciplinary Committee. Zach Woosley takes the opposite of the measured Steve Davis approach, and has a solid point as well.

Don Garber Says MLS Will Happily Be The Goal-line Technology Guinea Pig | KCKRS
This isn't exactly groundbreaking news since Garber has repeatedly offered up MLS as a testing ground for new technological advances in soccer, but it's noteworthy all the same.

Former Revs boss Steve Nicol talks all things Clint Dempsey | ProSoccerTalk
Former New England Revolution manager Steve Nicol, who drafted Clint Dempsey and helped nurture him in Major League Soccer, spoke recently about everything going on with Fulham's red-hot transfer target. I haven't listened to this yet, but I bet it's interesting.

Kicking it at Fenway - New England Soccer Today
Fenway Park officially celebrated the 100th anniversary on Friday. But America's Favorite Ballpark has also a number of hosted soccer games over the years, too.

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