The Match in Tweets: Revolution 0-1 Earthquakes

March 10, 2012; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Marvin Chavez (81) steals the ball from New England Revolution midfielder Kelyn Rowe (11) during the first half at Buck Shaw Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

Twitter, the gathering place of deep, philosophical discussions and great sports analysis - at least in our minds.

The beauty of the Twitterverse is that it contains raw, unfiltered, oft humorous, and many times honest feelings about live events. "The Match in Tweets" gives us a quick summary, in 140 characters or less, of what Revolution supporters were feeling over the course of the game. From beginning to end, from goals to gaffes "The Match in Tweets" is a quick appraisal of the performance of the team.

If you are an expert twitterphile and feel that you were overlooked, either hashtag your Revolution gameday tweets with #Revs or follow @MindOfAbram, so that you can be included next time.

The Context:

As MLS's First Kick approached for the New England Revolution, there was an impending sense of excitment and fear. There was excitment due to the team over performing - in the minds of many - in the preseason, and there was fear because everyone knew that the preseason most likely was an over-performance. First Kick against the San Jose Earthquakes was the tiem to see just who this team was (minus Saer Sene, Jose Moreno, and Chris Tierney).

Tweets are always 140 characters, but the tone of those characters can drastically change. So The Bent Musket proudly - or perhaps somewhat embarrasingly - presents "The Match in Tweets" for the New England Revolution at the San Jose Earthquakes.

THE BEGINNING: As the match began, the feeling on Twitter was one of hope, one of pride, one - that unfortunately - would not last.

THE GOAL: When Chris Wondolowski struck to give San Jose a 1-0 lead, the tone of Twitter began to change.

THE OLD HABITS: Soon, as the Revs began to clearly become outplayed by San Jose, that old demon of negativity began rearing its ugly head.

THE VILLAIN: As the ugliness of play continued, and the backline began to seem overwhelmed, public enemy number one became clear to all Revolution tweeters.

THE HALF: With half-time upon them, the Revolution twitteratti began taking an honest assessment of the teams situation both on the pitch and in the local Boston sports landscape.

THE RESTART: The second-half began, and everyone began to look for positives. And though the Revs looked much better defensively in the second-half, offensively - outside of Benny Feilhaber - it was difficult to come by any true chances.

THE NEW HOPE: Then it happened. Suddenly the Revs felt like Nguyeners. There was a glimmer of hope. The play picked up and we were back in it - at least hypothetically anyway.

THE LAST CHANCE: But despite best laid efforts at the end, this week it was not to be.

THE END: The post-game analysis came and that was a wrap. San Jose 1-0 New England and according to the tweeters, same old story.

THE TRUTH: Though at least we were able to come away with one bright spot.

THE VOICE OF REASON: It is easy to get exceptionally negative on Twitter. After all, negativity is what is most likely to get you retweeted - especially if you can do it in a fun, snide, sarcastic way. However, amongst all the Revolution tweets, one stuck out as truthful, honest, and a very fair appraisal of the game's situation. And though it was tweeted just a few moments into the half-time break, it best fits as a reminder that we still have a long way to go.

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