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Revolution Stadium Search Continues

It's been almost a month since word first broke that Revere was interested in building a New England Revolution stadium at the Wonderland Dog Track. Now, Somerville and Fall River have asserted their own interest as the Krafts look poised to run a bidding war for their business in the Massachusetts municipalities.

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Suffolk Downs Deal DONE, SSS still to come?

Just when it seemed all hope would be lost, a ray of light has parted the gray clouds over the Revolution community today as word through the grapevine is that a deal has been struck between Boston and Suffolk Downs for the proposed Casino project to move forward.


Revs to Somerville...?

According to Brian Straus, AS Roma owner James Pallotta thinks the New England Revolution are closer to getting a Somerville stadium than any of us believe. Color me skeptical.


Revolution Need Stadium Announcement Soon

The team is vastly improved and seems to be moving in a positive direction. However, with DC United's stadium announcement, the Revolution is beginning to seem like an embarrassment.


Everett casino could end Revere stadium plans

First the Revere news broke. Then Somerville was back in. Suddenly, Fall River and Freetown wanted a piece of the Revolution pie, too. Now, seemingly out of the blue, Steve Wynn's plans to build a casino in Everett could halt the most recent hopes for a New England soccer-specific stadium.


Fall River Wants The Revs

The New England Revolution appeared to be caught in a love triangle with Revere and Somerville over their prospective stadium location, but that triangle may have expanded to some sort of convoluted rhomboid of lust. Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan wants the MLS club to put down roots in his dear city.


Somerville And Revere Are Both Net Wins

As more information has become available concerning the growing interest from Revere and Somerville in bringing a New England Revolution stadium to their municipalities, it's starting to look more and more like Bob and Jonathan Kraft have made very savvy business decisions to benefit the Revs.


Revolution Potential Revere Move In Tweets

Since the opening salvo on Twitter about a potential move to Wonderland, the social media outlet has been booming with discussion of a conceivable SSS for New England.


Question #3 the Catalyst for a Possible Revs SSS?

On November 4th, 2008 Massachusetts residents entered the voting booth prepared to select the next president, but it was how they answered one of the three voter-initiated ballot questions that could end up determining the future home of the New England Revolution.


Revolution Still Talking To Somerville, Too

EDIT: Recovered the original article! Edited appropriately.

But wait! All this buzz and hullabaloo about the New England Revolution building a stadium in Revere, and everyone stops thinking about other locations. Revere isn't the Revs' only option, it seems. After all, has everyone forgotten about Somerville or something?

Short answer? Yeah, we have.

Apparently rumors of the demise of a possible "Revs to Somerville" deal were greatly exaggerated. Sean Donahue at New England Soccer Today reported that Somerville still has a dog in the fight, and talks, while still preliminary, have not died off entirely.

All right, so it's really good to hear that the Revs aren't putting all their eggs in one basket. Frankly, I hope they shop around for different sites and take the deal that makes the most sense, should any be forthcoming. Hell, they oughta be talking to UMass Boston about the Expo Center property; that location, on the high-speed red line, would probably beat all the others.

Honestly, it just sounds like Thomas Champion, the Executive Director of Communications for Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone (get that on a business card), is miffed that a different municipality is getting all the attention. The Revs have been courting Somerville for something like five years. Five years. If you guys wanted a stadium, you should have gotten it done already instead of yanking the Revs' chain.

I'm quite sure the Revs are still maintaining low level talks in Somerville. And apparently now it's about Assembly Square, which is a different site than the old spot (Brickbottom) and has a definite time-table on an MBTA orange line stop being built. But I'm also quite sure that the enthusiasm showed by Dan Rizzo is not something the Revs will overlook as they continue this process, and I don't see any sort of enthusiasm like that from Champion.

Regardless, Champion does make one salient point: a lot of this depends on the casino at Suffolk Downs. Rizzo has talked about using the mitigation payments from the casino developer to fund the stadium; if there's no casino, I'm not sure Rizzo finds a way to raise the money. It's important to remember that.

So Somerville's not out of it yet. Options are always nice, I guess.


Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo Talks Revolution On Fox

Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo spoke to Shannon Mulaire on Fox 25 about the possibility of the New England Revolution building a soccer-specific stadium at the Wonderland dog track. It was a good interview, and both Mulaire and Rizzo demonstrated more than a passing knowledge of the Revs and the situation.


Remember, Folks, the Wonderland SSS Ain't Real

There are pros and cons to every news story, but right now lines are being drawn for a Wonderland soccer-specific stadium proposal that doesn't even exist...yet


Revs Escalating Stadium Talks At Wonderland

Word came out last week that the New England Revolution were back in talks with Revere about building a stadium at the old Wonderland Dog Track, and Brian Bilello lent some credence to the news. Is it a workable solution for the Revs?

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