Why NESN Is A Joke

Here's another FanPost, this time from "C'mon You Revs" as he weighs in on NESN's willful ignorance toward the New England Revolution. As always, I love it when you guys express yourselves in this community, so leave comments and don't be afraid to post your own FanPosts and FanShots!


NESN stands for the New England Sports Network.  Last year I combed this site looking for some Revs coverage.  After 15 minutes it became a fruitless endeavor.  This is the New England Sports Network and I can't even find a link to the New England Revolution, a professional sports organization in New England.

Before you even say they don't carry the games, they don't carry the Patriots either and there is plenty of content.  The Red Sox are a 80% owner of the network and the Bruins own the remaining 20%.  Once again, the Patriots have nothing to do with them, yet they still cover and provide content regarding the Patriots.  Don't call yourself a New England Sports Network if you're not going to cover New England sports.  Selective Self-Serving Sports Network is a better name.

My anger towards NESN grew a week later when they ran a "trivia" article, where one question was "Did you know New England had a professional soccer team?!"  This is downright disrespectful and laughable.  Let me tell you what you can find on the NESN homepage:  Links to NASCAR, Baltimore Orioles, Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Nets, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Dolphins, New York Yankees so and so forth.   Is any of this more relevant to a New England sports fan than the Revs?

Now I remind you this data is from screenshots taken last year. What's changed since then?  Well Mr. Henry and NESV bought Liverpool FC and guess what, soccer "suddenly" became relevant to NESN.  Now guess who has a menu tab alongside the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots... you guessed it, the newly relevant team from Liverpool!

Congrats boys.

Guess what league has its own link now alongside the big four?  You guessed it, the English Premier League.

Disgusting,  with a name like NESN I just think you owe a New England team a link.  Shame on you NESN.  Nothing personal against LFC, but I hope they get relegated for the next four years straight.  This paragraph can be countered and argued as much as you want it still doesn't exonerate you from simply putting a link to MLS and the Revolution.  For a webmaster that would take under 20 seconds.

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