2012 Expansion Draft: Revs' Official Protected List

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 15: The New England Revolution pose for a picture before their game against the Columbus Crew on October 15, 2011 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Ahead of the 2012 MLS Expansion Draft, during which the Montreal Impact will be allowed to draft 10 unprotected players from MLS' 18 current teams, today the Revolution have released their list of 11 protected players of whom the Impact cannot select. The Revs' protected list is as follows:

So, who does this leave us with as our unprotected players? That list, along with commentary after the jump:

The unprotected Revs, therefore, are the following:

So, what are we to make of all this? The first gripe I have is that the Revolution decided it would be wise to protect TWO GOALKEEPERS. In all honesty, it would make sense to protect either Reis or Shuttleworth, but both of them? Why??

Next, the New England Revolution's very first Designated Player, Milton Caraglio, has been left unprotected. Now, I know that Caraglio is rough around the edges and that the circumstances of his contract are really the only reason that he is even considered a DP, but we protect Rajko Lekic over him? What am I missing here? I mean, I know that I am hard on Lekic (and have been pretty much all season), but this just seems backwards to me.

Ryan Guy was also left unprotected, which, frankly, is just very frustrating. There's just too much promise and potential in Guy to justify leaving him unprotected. If I were Montreal and were looking for young talent that I could use towards building my team for the upcoming season, I would have a hard time overlooking Ryan Guy without some serious thought. His play at the end of the season--when he was given more opportunities and playing time, mind you--was truly encouraging. Why you wouldn't want to keep that talent and build upon it is beyond me. Furthermore, his role in the attacking-midfield chemistry of Diego Fagundez and Benny Feilhaber this season was both complimentary and catalytic, in my opinion.

Some other surprises: Kevin Alston was protected, Darrius Barnes was not. I certainly would have expected that to be switched. Sainey Nyassi was protected, which I find hard to comment on because I just simply don't understand why. Stephen McCarthy was also protected over several other players, some of which I've named above, whom I'd have preferred. But I can see the worth in his protection I suppose.

While many would say that the Revolution have very little to offer the Impact in this draft, I think that the protected list decisions that have been made leave us with more on the line than anticipated. As the first major decision of new head coach Jay Heaps, this list will surely be looked upon with much scrutiny and criticism--particularly if the Revs end up losing someone of significance. Perhaps there is now some reason to hold our collective breaths this Wednesday.

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